In my early years, I did gymnastics. I had great balance on the beam, and I loved to dance in floor routines. I was not able to participate in expensive gymnastics programs, so I turned to music and I fell in LOVE with weights in school physical education. I was so strong that my classmates would follow me on a leg machine and stand on the platform with all of their weight and not be able to move it. I'm such a little person, so and I could push more weight in most planes that older, bigger students. It was fun to be strong.

After high school, I became a certified personal trainer and trained men and women for several years. I had many success stories in those few years, helping people reach their fitness goals. I loved teaching people about fitness, but my first husband and I wanted children of our own, so I finished my degree at ASU to become an elementary school teacher and had two children of my own. I worked in the schools for many years before I felt the tug to get back into working in the fitness industry. I had gotten a bit out of shape myself being a mom. Life gets busy, and it’s difficult to find the time or energy to focus on yourself when you are a busy working mom. But I knew I had to get into shape again for my kids after two pregnancies, a busy career, and an ugly, stressful divorce that had gotten in the way of my fitness and overall health.

I reignited my real passion and embarked on my new fitness journey. As a single mom, I know the challenges ladies face managing kids, work and home while trying to take care of ourselves. I interviewed several personal trainers until I found one. She refreshed me on all my old knowledge and helped motivate me to eat right and lift heavy weights almost every day. She was a former competitor, so she introduced me to an approach to food that I had never explored. The science made such sense! I never intended to become a competitor myself, but I saw my body change.

I transformed my entire being, inside and out!

I became strong again! I'm not just stronger now physically, but emotionally I have learned how to confront difficulties from pushing metal in the gym. I discovered strength inside of me I didn’t know was there! I fell back in love with the gym ever so quickly. I pursued my trainer certifications again and knew my life had taken a new yet familiar turn.

I entered my first competition and won a first place trophy! I had the bug, so I kept entering competitions and improved my physique throughout the next several years. I worked my way to earn 6th place as a National NPC competitor and I have helped others win trophies on the local and national stage as well! I'm on a journey to become better every day. It’s not about the trophies on stage. It’s about becoming stronger, changing my body for the better, eating properly, maintaining balance in my busy life!

Believe me, I know how difficult it is for ladies to find the courage to venture over to the “boys side of the gym”. The free weight area can be intimidating! Even when we know we need to go over there and lift, oftentimes the heavy gazes and the grunting sounds can deter us right back over in the cardio area doing the same old treadmill or elliptical machine day in and day out.

Women need resistance training – especially as we age! It’s so important to not rely on cardio, to maintain proper muscle on our frame to keep our metabolism in check as we get older. Ladies can’t get too bulky - hormonal lay it’s impossible. It’s time to drop your fear of having muscle tone. It does not have to intimidate you any longer. You need a plan to follow when you walk into the gym. You need specific exercises that move you closer to your goals each day. You need a meal plan that fits into your busy life but optimizes your body’s ability to burn food calories and metabolize fat. I will be there by your side the whole way!

Finding the RIGHT person trainer

It is always best to interview several personal trainers to find a good fit for you. Referal from a friend is always a good way to find a successful trainer. Find someone who has success where you want it, rehab for an injury, competition prep, training for a specific event, etc.

Perhaps you have been working out for a couple years. You have made some progress but there is so much information in magazines and on television. What are the best foods to eat? How much cardio do you do? Who should you believe when there is so much conflicting information out there?

Hiring a personal trainer is an investment in YOU. Does he/she listen to you and get to know your goals and take into consideration your lifestyle? Do they take into consideration the challenges you have had in the past with losing weight and getting fit? Do they ask you about your health and physical issues?

Give yourself the edge and find a trainer who will get you to your goals as quickly as possible. But don’t waste the trainer’s time, either. Hiring a trainer is not a magic formula! Be prepared to work hard. Put everything you have into your program! You will LOVE the results!